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As our son Max has a learning and perceptual disability, our dream is to create a world where girls, boys and young adults like Max feel safe, are understood, are included and belong just like everyone else. We established GingerCloud Foundation to make that dream real. With support from rugby, we developed the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) in 2014 to create connection for young people like Max, developing a home for them through their local rugby club. The MRP’s inspiring PlayerMentors - adolescent through to university-aged young men and women - volunteer to support our children both on and off the field. Through the MRP, they learn how to ‘do inclusion’, helping us nurture a generation of young people for whom disability is normalised. Positions in 24 teams across 3 divisions are now open in clubs hosting the MRP in 2018 in Brisbane, Redlands, Toowoomba, Townsville and Canberra. If you’re a family like ours looking to belong, a PlayerMentor wanting to share your passion for sport, a rugby club wanting to drive inclusion, a coach or a volunteer wanting to make a difference, or a sponsor who could help us grow the MRP, express your interest today!  Join us on our journey to change our world one rugby club at a time. 


Megan and Anthony Elliott

Co-Founders of GingerCloud and the MRP 




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Thank you Chyna!

It was 2013 when we first met Chyna Howlett MRP New Development Lead/Head Coach and at that time she was working at the St George Qld Reds.


Soon after in 2014, we invited Chyna to come and work fo...

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Leadership Thursday: Inspiring Others

Inspiring Others

 Inspiring others isn’t as simple as it seems, but it’s what the MRP is all about! And with our PlayerMentors well and truly embracing the GingerCloud Leadership Program, they are le...

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ABC TV visits the MRP in Toowoomba

Bright and early on Saturday morning 9 June, Anna Macdonald and her wonderful ABC TV team visited our Modified Rugby (MRP) teams at USQ Saints Rugby Club to learn more about the MRP and to help spread...

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Leadership Thursday: Story Telling


“Great leaders use storytelling to get their message across,” says MRP Ambassador, Tim Horan. And this is a vital quality that we aim to instil in our PlayerMentors to interact, engage and communic...

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Q&A Tuesday with Megan Halliday


Among all of our amazing and beautiful MRP Mums, we had a chat to proud Mum, Megan Halliday, who is new to the program this season. Megan joined her daughter, Annika, to the Toowoomba Bears and sin...